Monday, 12 February 2018

Venice un-boxing

So TT Combat were nice enough to have a free shipping deal, so I was compelled to buy something that I have long coveted, Venice! The parcel arrived this week right in the middle of my Egyptian preparations for a Tomb of the Serpent game day this coming weekend. So despite having a long list of stuff to get ready for the weekend, I cracked open the Venice box and promptly assembled some of the plaza boards.

Large heavy box

The grand reveal

Not many Styrofoam peanuts left after all the stuff came out of a 1' x 1' box

Everything laid out

More than a foot of goodness
The plazas assembled very quick and easy to build, most did not require glue

The plazas were easy enough to build. The buildings look like they should be quick to build, but the tower seems like more of a challenge. TT has plans available for all of the buildings but the buildings are pretty straight forward boxes. Ironically, the more complex tower does not have any such instructions.
Oh well nothing for it but to just decide to go ahead and build it.

More later... 

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