Friday 23 February 2024

A happy find at a flea market


Just the thing for a winter Pulp Alley game! This is a Matchbox Models of Yesterday. It is a 1922 Scandinavian postal truck but I feel it should be right at home in more arctic conditions. 

In all my journeys in many many flea markets I have never seen this vehicle, so it was kind of a given that I would have to buy it. So far I have not attempted to paint or weather it, but I will soon.

Monday 12 February 2024

Pulp Alley game at the OMG meeting at the Centrepointe library


So, this past Sunday the Ottawa Miniature Gamers (OMG) held a meeting at the Ottawa Public Library at the Centrepointe location. While it is a chance to play some games it is really a chance to expose the general public to the club and the type of games that we play. 

Three games were on display, Space Hulk, ADLG and Pulp Alley. Pulp Alley was my contribution to the game day. The game started up with two players, one a rookie the other had played a few games. By the second or third turn we were joined by a couple of young people who we paired off with the two existing players.

My hats off to the two older players who rose to the occasion and coached the two new players and let them take control of the leagues. We also had a few other people drop by to look at all of the games. Much interest in our activities and many conversations were had. Who knows maybe some of these people will become  OMG members or at very least get bit by the miniature gaming bug!

I look forward to the next library meeting at the end of March.

Friday 9 February 2024

Another dollar store find a Sci fi shuttle craft


So this is the type of thing I like to find when wandering the aisles of Dollarama. It is a toy that shoots some sort of rubber like disks, but to me it looks like some thing else.

To me it looks like a shuttle craft or will after a little work. It seems to match up well with my 15mm figures. So it will take a little patching here and there and I may  add some round bases to represent lifters on the feet, but in the end it looks like a pretty easy fix.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Some star fighters for my growing 15mm Sci-fi collection.


So, I found these fine Buzz Lightyear space craft at the local Dollarama. I think they are a good size for 15mm figures and should repaint up nicely. I figure I can use them as troop carriers or shuttle craft ar just have them sit there as big damn space craft.

Dollarama also has a number of smaller craft, also from the Buzz Lightyear collection. They were a good price at $5.00 each (you can still find the purple ones at Amazon for $18.99)


Sunday 4 February 2024

Time for a time out from painting


The painting table😒

 My shame...

So, to be clear I am not stopping the painting challenge, but if I am to continue I really need to take care of a few things. Normally I try to clean up and organize my room prior to the AHPC but this year I just did not have any energy or drive and well I just sort of fell into the challenge. Well now that lack of preparedness has come back to haunt me. It is slowing down my painting production.

I wish I could say that this disaster that I call a gaming room is the exception but, well this is not the first time that I have posted about it and I could only wish that it will be the last time, but I doubt it. So this week (maybe Monday) I will have to bring some order to this room (wish me luck)



Wednesday 31 January 2024

The Fifth Foreign Legion

So, this is how my organization of the Legion, using the Dirtside II rules, is going so far. I am, more or less setting it up as per what I can glean from the book shown above. I hope to have the vehicles painted up this week and I have already painted up their opponents vehicles. I also have 150 proxy enemy figures on the painting table and I will soon place an order for the Legions troops.

Infantry stands have four figures, any small (sml) stands are two figures. 

 The Fifth Foreign Legion

Bravo company

  • Command squad [HQ]
  • Rangatira Command APC
  • 1x command stand
  • 1x infantry stand
  • 1x GMS/L stand [sml]
  • Sandray support APC
  • 1x infantry stand
  • 1x SAW [sml]
  • 1x mortar [sml]
  • 1x GMS/L [sml]
  • Tiger AA/ADS
  • Sharkey ambulance
  • 2x medical stands [sml]
  • 1st squad
  • 3x Sandray APC
  • 1x command stand
  • 5x infantry stands 
  • 1x SAW stand [sml]
  • 1x GMS/L stand [sml]
  • 1x Mortar stand [sml]
  • 2nd squad
  • 3x Sandray APC
  • 1x command stand
  • 5x infantry stands 
  • 1x SAW stand [sml]
  • 1x GMS/L stand [sml]
  • 1x Mortar stand [sml]
  • Fire support squadron
  • 2x Sabertooth ASV
  • 2x infantry stands
  • 2x GMS/L stands
  • Engineering squad
  • 2x Raeside vans
  • 2x infantry stands
  • Support squad
  • 2x Dundas trucks
  • 2x Raeside recovery/bulldozer vans
  • 4x pioneer stands [sml]
  • Recon squad
  • 2x Raeside vans [laser]
  • 2x Raeside vans [GMS/L]
  • 8x infantry stands [sml]
  • Fire support squadron [Charlie company]
  • 2x Sabertooth ASV
  • 2x infantry stands
  • 2x GMS/L stands [sml]

Monday 29 January 2024

The state of my blogging saying goodbye to a miserable 2023 & hello to the hope of a better 2024

Well, last year was the worst year so far as posting goes, a meager 15 posts for the entire year, and nothing since August, simply unforgivable! 

Please forgive me, oh wait...

Last year I hit a major down turn in interest and motivation in gaming and in blogging. The only gaming that I really did was board gaming and that only because a friend regularly visited me and 'made' me play games. Oh, I enjoyed the games, but left to my own devices I most likely would have played nothing.

I did start up a miniature campaign, Pulp Alley China Station, and that went well for a while but an illness throughout October and that same low level of motivation saw that campaign grind to a halt. Perhaps it will resume, but experience does say that when you have a long interruption it just is not that likely that it will start again. We shall see.

On the plus side my new drugs seem to be working better and my malaise seems to be dissipating! Happiness has returned (drug induced but so what) and I have finally started to produce things for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The challenge started on December 21st 2023 and it took me until January 13th 2024 to put up my first post 24 days into the challenge. Hell it took me until today to update this blog, archiving last years data and updating titles to indicate 2024.

All this being said I note that this is the 4th post that I have made this year vs 15 for all of last year. Some may not realize it but I have 5 other blogs plus the Itinerant Gamers blog. For the most part those blogs have limited activity being meant to focus on specific aspects of my hobby life. The League site has some activity, but really only myself and one other person ever posts on it. The painting & building blog site has at times had a lot of activity, nothing much lately, but soon to see more posts. The other sites will only ever have sporadic posting (though I really need to up date the cat & dog companion blog)

This has been a rather long winded rambling, the gist of it is that I plan to post more often and more regularly than in any previous year (fingers crossed)

Sunday 28 January 2024

Dirtside II in 15mm, my latest obsession!

So, for no special reason I seem to have embarked on a mass purchase and thankfully mass production of 15mm Sc-fi figures. So far I have been sourcing the figures from three companies; Ground Zero Games, Brigade Models and Alternative Armies. There has been a recent binge buying on my part that has seen the acquisition of a few hundred infantry and 50+ vehicles. All these augment the preexisting (and largely ignored) forces that I already have.

The plan, such as it is (and subject to change) is to be able to field 7 different forces. Each army will have from 12 to 28 vehicles (a mix of APCs and AFVs) as well as 75+ infantry. The tech level of each army will vary quite a bit from low tech track/wheeled vehicles to full repulsor lift high tech vehicles. One army will be the exception in that they are very low tech troops with few if any vehicles but armed with captured weapons and arms given to them by an alien race that is keen to disrupt the status quo.

The rule set, Dirtside II, is intended for micro scale figures but I am adapting it to a larger scale figure. I am keeping the basing a multiple figures on a base, using Flames of War size bases, but I am including some personality figures to add something extra to the game. So far I have been fielding 'native' armies 3 to a base and plan to have 4 to a base for the more regular army/marine type forces. 

A few years back a fellow gamer took the chit drawing system that Dirtside employs for combat damage resolution and converted it to a D10 system. I have adjusted this system slightly to reduce the frequency of 'BOOM' hits that automatically take out a vehicle, but otherwise the system remains intact. So far I have been thinking through other changes but I have yet to record any of them.

To date I have painted up 20 Hammers Slammers vehicles, and 91 Ikwen native freedom fighters. I have drawn inspiration from the three Fifth Foreign Legion books and to some extent the Hammers Slammer stories. 

Some photos; The Hammers Slammers, vehicles only so far

Saturday 27 January 2024

War of the Ring latest great game that we have played


So, on a dare and a whim we decided to play this game. We probably should not have tried this game without at least one of us having at least glanced at the rules... Well neither of us had played this before nor even opened the rule book so it was a slow slog of a game. First was the challenge of going through the rule book, then quite a lot of prep work to set up the game, then the actual trying to figure out what we should be doing with our faction. It took some time.

There are a lot of options in this game and a lot of variables, enough to wreak havoc on any plans that you might make. The dice determine what actions you can do. Each turn you role a certain amount of dice, the Good side starts with 4 while the Evil side has up to 7 dice but you are allowed to allocate dice towards the hunt (for the one ring) Each dice face has a unique action associated with it but the rub is that you may not always get the results you need right now. The dice actions are resolved one at a time and in alternating order. So even when resolving the dice actions there is a certain amount of strategy as you may want to delay some actions until you see what your opponent has done, but then again hesitate and they may do something that directly impacts on your side. Choices, choices.

Each player also draws 2 event cards each turn. These cards can trigger events, or allow you to recruit more forces or effect the game in some way. They also can be used in combat, the bottom part of the card grants a bonus to your forces when engaged with the enemy. So do you use the card for a special event or save it for battle? Between the cards and the dice we were presented with a wide array of options every turn. 

So it was a slow game as we carefully negotiated our way through the rules and tried to figure out a game plan. We set a time limit for the game (thankfully) as the time just rapidly ticked away. (We also interrupted play for dinner) In the end we called it a game around 12:30 AM. At that point we had a pretty good grasp of the rules and what we wanted to accomplish. 

So, I have said that it was a slow slog but, it was a fun slog too! This game has a very high replay factor going for it. It was always interesting always challenging and always fun!

Check out THIS review by Shut Up & Sit Down for more details, and opinions that I agree with, I think they covered it very well!




Friday 26 January 2024

Undaunted Battle of Britain


So with two games under our I think it is fair to say, that this is a very fun, quick game! A simple deck building game creates challenges for the players when it comes to executing their plans. It also dictates how long a plane may stay in the air. If you decide not to draw extra plane cards into your hand(max of 3 cards per airplane) you may find your plane tumbling out of the sky all too quickly when they take damage. However sometimes you just get the perfect chance to go on the offensive and need to postpone adding plane cards to your hand in favour of quick action. Your choice. 

The second game sees us at Dunkirk where the Germans are presented with many ship targets to fulfill their victory condition; they must sink 4 of the 6 ships. It was a tight game with the Germans eking out a victory despite being down to just  one stuka.

Some pictures from the first game:

Sunday 27 August 2023

Couple of never played by us games, Race to Adventure & Zeppelin Attack!


I have the role playing game Spirit of the Century, and these two games more or less build upon the theme of the RPG.  The RPG is an anything goes game of pulp adventure where you run into lost empires, talking Apes and crazy inventions, not to mention mad scientists.

Boardgames day, this time, Camelot the court, Star Trek deck building, Flash Point and of course Undaunted Normandy


 So we squeezed in 5 game plays this past Thursday. 

Friday 4 August 2023

A four board game day! Spectre the boardgame, Run Fight or Die, Last night on Earth and Sentinels of the Multiverse

So we managed to play a few new to us games plus an old favorite the other day. We wound up playing two zombie games, the semi cooperative Run, fight or die and the competitive Last night on Earth. Much preferred the latter game as it offered a bit more involvement as Run, fight, die tends to just be a simple random lightweight game. I really do like the Flying Frog games, they look great, they typically are very thematic and are easy to play.