Monday, 16 July 2018

Pulp Alley TOS The Nameless Ruins

Our most recent game, played July 14th 2018. We played three games that day all part of the campaign. This was our second crack at the Nameless Ruins scenario, the first time was a three league game, that went right down to the wire. This time the game did not take long to finish and the outcome was never really in doubt. That said, it was a fun game that still had tension, as the servants were randomly drawn, and you never knew what you might encounter.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Walking dead test set up

 Just a couple of shot, not very good, just a quick test.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Zombie, new project


Well best laid plans of mice and men...
I am supposed to be working on pulp sci-fi, like Buck Rogers, for summer game play, instead I have become inspired to work on a zombie project. To be fair I have had a lot of zombie stuff kicking around the basement for a lot longer than I have had any space opera stuff. I also have at least 4 rule sets to try out for the zombie genre! However no matter how you look at it, the curse of the unfocused gamer strikes again.

Now the good news of being made redundant is that you can find yourself with a lot of free time. While I am determined to do a large number of household jobs that have, up unto now, been put off due to time constraints, this week I have managed to mess up my back! Now about the only thing I can do is to remain in a seated position just perfect for painting.

Up first some scenic wrecks to fight over.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Apologies for being absent

I'm back...sort of

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. No excuse really, just the usual life gets in the way, work running me down, other time constraints, you know, life. However recent events have changed this pattern, for the better in the short term, hopefully in the long term too!

I have been made redundant as of June 25th 2018, and will no longer have work as an excuse to fall back on!!! In the short term I am off with pay until 2020, after that time I may be able to fully retire. While the long term is not crystal clear, I am thinking at worst I may need to start looking for a new job around the end of 2019. What ever the eventual outcome the immediate results will be a significant increase in hobby activities, including blog posting.

So I have not fully come to grips with this change. I am not happy about leaving the people I worked with. I did enjoy my job, it was challenging, often rewarding, but not as rewarding of late. Clients and staff kept me busy, they also provided much needed socializing, and some exercise (I was rarely able to remain seated at my desk, something always had me moving around) My biggest concern right now is actually the social aspect, all to easy to retreat into my cave and not talk to anyone all day. Thankfully the missus is around to keep me grounded, but she is still working, for now, so its just the cat and dog keeping me company weekdays. No woe is me here, hell I still get to work on my hobbies not at some job, things are pretty damn good, I just don't want to get lost.

So a bit of a ramble to get to the blog, and to my renewed commitment to posting at least once a week! With luck I will be producing enough to have a lot of stuff to post. I have hope that that giant mountain of lead, and plastic and MDF will be conquered, and I will post my progress reports here. 

Right now I am looking at Mondays to be my 'new' regular posting day, with the occasional posting whenever I find something worth posting. 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

I didn't know I needed these until I saw them...

So a lucky find at Value Village, two nice BIG rocket ships.
Small 'fighter' is from Pegasus hobbies

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Saturday has arrived

As of Saturday noon, mostly done, with two hours before the gang arrives.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Thursday night before the Saturday game

Why oh why do I wait so long...

I should have taken a before picture with all the paper and junk that was covering this table.
This project has been laid out for over a month with nothing done.
So Thursday night I cleared the debris that covered the table, cut the 6 dig sites, and then went at it with brown caulking!
That was around 10 pm.
So now I am at work, will head out tonight and have a very limited amount of time to finish this off.

Thank goodness I like deadlines...