Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act III Chapter 3 The Escape

Victory in the last scenario went to Crash and his Rocket Corps, but at what cost. The Wanders death was the harbinger for the death of the island! The once dormant volcano was now fully active throwing ash and dust unto the sky, and spewing forth rivers of  lava that flowed unabated down the side of the mountain. Here and there globular bursts of lava splattered across the landscape.


Now it was time for all the adventuring parties to beat a hasty retreat from the island. Only Crash and his rocket corp, Teddy and his Irregulars, the Royal Navy, and The Black Scorpion Tong managed to make it the coast. The final fate of Lady Hardcastle, and the fate of the Cultists remains a mystery!

The calm before the storm...

The Tong of the Black Scorpion in the background
Teddy and his Irregulars

Crash and his rocket corp

The Royal Navy

Our heroes figured the challenge would be finding and getting transportation off the island, instead of boats they found only death waiting for them at the waters edge.
Good thing we marked this as dangerous

Duh dum, duh dum, duh dum....
There were no plot points, instead rewards were given to teams that inflicted damage on the Lagoon Terror. Given this stated mission objective I am certain it comes as no surprise to find that the various leagues came together to attack, each other! 

Randomly arriving sailor deployed to hamper the Royal Navy
There was a focus by two of the teams to get close and personal with the Terror, and they quickly advanced to the coast. The Tong found itself in conflict with the Navy from the start, a conflict that soon ensnared the other leagues too. The Navy initially held back trying to engage the Terror at long range with their considerable fire power. The three other leagues attempted to distract the navy and to convince the sailors to try a new approach. Some leagues rightly or wrongly felt that perhaps, the Terror was not the main target of the Navy. From the Navy point of view too many members of other leagues kept getting in the way of their rifle and machine gun fire. It was not their fault that some shots may have been directed at the other leagues...

We certainly found ourselves keeping an eye on target priority! In the end the Navy lads moved forward to achieve a better line of sight, with less 'obstructions' in their way.

The Rocket Corp tried their luck with the Terror, shots bounced off the tough hide as it raced towards the shore and the waiting league. Tentacles lashed out twisting and writhing,  in an attempt to ensnare Crash and his crew.

Meanwhile the Navy managed to get closer to the action.

Teddy, not to be outdone by the dome heads, ordered his men forward into the water.

Watch out for thr Navy and their machine gun!

The main close fighting was done by the Rocket corp, but Teddy's  boys got into the thick of things too. The Terror shifted between the two leagues while still being shot at by the Royal Navy gunners. In the end no one was able to destroy the Terror, but they were able to do some damage
At least I was able to test out some of my lava! 

This concluded our campaign, the winner and the league that participated in the most games was Teddy and his Irregulars. This league was well crafted, being very versatile, able to adjust to most situations. While they did play the most games it was still the quality of the team not the quantity of games played that made them the winners.

Coming soon, the leagues in review, and the final standings.



  1. Actually, I believe that the Tong tried to keep its distance from the trigger-happy Royal Naval contingent...

  2. The origin of your desire for a sneaky team...: )
    Revised commentary now up!