Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act II Chapter 4 Blood Sacrifice 'lost pictures'

As stated before, for some reason we just did not snap many pictures of this game. Pity really, a nice village, a sacrificial altar a giant ape, and lots of two-fisted action.

The object of this game was to free the sacrificial victim to be, Duncan Spode,  from on top of the altar in the centre of the village. Each of the teams deployed and quickly advanced towards the target. There was of course a sense that something big and bad was approaching, so the leagues set up some defensive positions while elements moved in on Shagunja, the witch doctor and the altar.
Sure enough on turn 3, the great ape Gonga, arrived and the game quickly became a game of dodge the ape to ensure someone else was closest to the beast.

In this case the Navy were first to find themselves the recipients of Gonga's unwanted attention! Somehow they managed to avoid death, well most of them, at least. They quickly displaced to a better, safer location...

This left someone else in the path of of the great ape. It was time to be somewhere else! A nearby cave seemed the best chance of survival, but Gonga would not let him escape so easily.

Another member of the Tong League attempted to help out his trapped comrade. However Gonga did not fall for the whole "My God what's that over there"

In the end the game came down to a classic three way match up at the top of the altar. Teddy vs a dragon, while the Naval commander waits to see who will still be standing.

Rest easy, in the end Duncan was saved and the pages he had on him allowed the leagues to advance to the next act of this exciting campaign.

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