Painting log

Painting log
Being a listing of items painted year by year started in 2016 (some commentary too)

Great start to the year, I pulled out some of the massive collection of unpainted Dystopian Wars figures. I painted up my Dominion of Canada stuff, go figure, and started work on another alliance nation, the Polish troops.

I also worked on some 20mm WWII in preparation for a campaign of Rapid Fire (actually it was the Scenarios for North West Europe game) In preparation I also built my first, and to date only, canvas tarp table covering for the D-day scenario. I had also built a few landing craft. All for naught as timing and other issues prevented the game from being played.

It began to look like another wasted year, of squandered opportunities, when I suddenly decided to try Pulp Alley. Now as is typical of me, I have had the game and, again 100's of figures for quite some time, but all of a sudden I caught the bug. So I prepped up some scenery, painted a few figures and invited some friends over.  It was a success, rarely have I seen them so keen on something, and we all sat down and started to devise leagues of our own. 

Apart from painting I have also been assembling a lot of laser cut products, list to follow.

By the end of September we had played out all the scenarios in the Perilous Island campaign. Next year we tackle Vice Alley and the Egyptian campaign.

Dystopian Wars
36 Canadian tanks
2 Canadian robots
1 Canadian Land Ship

1 Britannia Land Ship
16 Britannia tanks

6 Belgium tanks

Then a whole bunch of part ways

Pulp Alley
8 objective markers (Dystopin legions)
12 additional markers
10 Rocket corp
20 Deepones
1 Golden guardian
1 Lagoon terror
5 Tong gang members
1 "Wanderer"
40 zombies
27 islanders
10 assorted sailors
5 scorpion gang members
2 dragons
5 Foreign legion figures
4 monks
8 cultists
16 pulp characters
1 gate
3 huts
A lagoon table
A cave table
assorted scenery items, bridges, stars to nowhere, summoning circles etc

Wow listing them out makes me feel better, it is almost like I was productive this year

Pipeline would be buildings, cops and gangsters.
Courtesy of the decline in the pound, I have acquired, and continue to acquire a lot of stuff from Great Britain. Maybe 1/2 dozen Sarissa city block building ready to be painted, 4 4ground building to be built, and  a Fenris crane to be built and painted, all for Vice alley.
I also have some FFG buildings to be glued and painted, a massive cathedral to be glued and painted, and some extruded foam buildings (Zithrides?) to be painted.

But now we are taking a side step and playing some Battle Fleet Gothic, thankfully most of my collection is painted, mostly. So I anticipate some painting on that front in October.

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