Monday, 27 February 2017

Pulp Alley Vice Alley (anti) Social Affair AAR

Pulp Alley - Vice Alley

To start off our 2017 gaming season, and specifically our Vice Alley campaign we decided to start off with a variation on the Social Affair scenario.

I planned for 3-4 players but ultimately went ahead with 2 players.Some may have seen my 'WIP' pictures and possibly wondered at the lack of actual progress in the work. Well we finally got it done, before the end of January.

It was our first game in quite some time, so we wanted to make certain it was busy.
We had 4 mobile minor plot point, each leading to a different major plot point.
There were 4 stalking bystanders (waiters), and 4 wandering bystanders. (Doorman/Bellhop/Coat check girl/Maid) The minor plot points were mobile too!

The minor plot points were:             Minor plot points led to major plot points:
The mayor                                           Two orphans under glass
Sister Abernathy                                  Big 'cracker' gift surprise!
Karl Kolchack, beat reporter               Wheel of fortune/wheel of death
Boss Gutman                                       Xmas lights of dismay

The major plot point were not placed at the start of the game, and were only revealed and placed once the associated minor plot point was resolved. Also the major plot points had two predetermined challenges that had to be completed in order to count as completed.

The main ballroom

Main ballroom & central hallway
Hard boiled detective & clients

Sister Abernathy & the 'wheel'

An uninvited guest
Coat check girl

Waiters, waiting.

The bellhop informing the mayor that the orphans have arrived

Ex soldier & Industrial magnate Mr Sternwood

The skating rink, casino and backroom
Sister Abernathy working the crowd

Velma belts out a song

SMILE! (think of the voters er kids)

Start of the Game

 The two leagues in this episode were a hard boiled detective watching over his clients, and a certain British chap named Churchill, who was accompanied by some eclectic associates. The action started in the ballroom with the mayor basking in the glory of his many constituents.
They seem to be multiplying hey where's my wallet
While the mayor held court with the local reporters, the two leagues dispersed themselves throughout the building. Old man Potter checked out the casino, while the detective and the dame stayed in the ballroom.  However he was not alone as 'the professor' and some muscle was there too.
Missy (with umbrella) and the lady in red

Old man Potter without his detective bodyguard
Missy ascends to the balcony

The Lady in Red was not so successful
Churchill's team immediately went after the reporter while the detective sought out the Mayor.

Traffic on the stairwell proved too much for the lady in red, and she tumbled down coming to rest at the feet of one of the kitchen help.


Churchill undercover as St Nick

Stalking waiters have held up the Detective preventing him from getting to the mayor.

However the dame was able to get to the Mayor. Quickly she finessed some information from him. Apparently some nefarious agent of The Jade Specter has kidnapped two of the orphans and has placed them in an overly elaborate death trap, and then left them to their fate...

freezing in a winter wonderland
Orhpans under glass
♬...and two orphans in two glass jars♪
Meanwhile inside the club, Winston's forces pushed past old man Potter, and have started to question Sister Abernathy. 
The good sister has received a mysterious coded message. Unable to decipher the meaning of the message she passes it onto the professor.  With the aid of his ever handy Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, he quickly realizes that a bomb has been planted in one of the presents for the little orphans. It is time to get back to the ballroom!
The calm before the panic...


Captain Spalding

 Panic sets in as those in the ballroom quickly realize the danger that they are in. Even Captain Spalding the renowned African explorer starts to feel the fear rising in him.

The news spreads and it is time to get out, fast!

Fear stalks the ballroom like some fearful stalking thing...

The ensuring panic slows down te progress of Winston's allies as the professor finds his way blocked by a mob!

Meanwhile, in a skating rink on the far side of the building...

 One of the detectives agents has arrived, intent on rescuing the little tykes. 

However, fine dress shoes were the wrong choice of footwear to cross the perilous stretch of ice. He quickly succumbed to the slick surface and wound up skidding out of control, and out of the game. It was looking bleak for these two orphans, thankfully one can always find more in Vice City.

 In the ballroom, Winston has pushed his way through the mob, while Missy, with the aid of her enhanced aerial bumbershoot, has flown over the crowd. Having made it to they stage they have carefully dodged past the band.  . The band, unaware of what was happening, have added a sound track to the proceedings and kept the music going.

The detective, finally getting away from the over attentive waiters has made his way to the stage.  Perception is everything, what he sees are two strangers, one clearly in a disguise messing around with the packages. warnings are shouted and ignored, and gunfire fills the air with lead!

Too much for the band, as they take to their heels, to catch the A train out of there.

Victory goes to Winston and his SIS agents.

However waiting in the wings, unnoticed by any present, a mysterious figure looks down on the leagues. By the time anyone could reach where he was, only a Santa costume and a Jade medallion could be found...

Next chapter Gang War!


  1. Fear stalks the ballroom like some fearful stalking thing...