Sunday, 22 October 2017

Mechanical men

This weeks output, most items were just started last week, but had been kicking around the house for a few years. I am kind of surprised at how little time it has taken to get this stuff done once started, and a little disappointed with myself that it took so long to get going on this.

I have no delusions about the longevity of this project (I direct you to the name of this blog) but I am keen to see how much I can get done before I become distracted by another project. I do know that I will be gearing up for a Pulp Alley campaign in the new year, either Lemuria or the tomb.

Time to end this rambling with some pictures.

Masked minion's mechanical men

Patchwork creations for the Fenian rebels on Mars


  1. awwww they're holding hands HA!

  2. I like your Ironclad steam robots (I have some myself) the others are a bit out there for me...thanks for posting!

  3. First off thank you for the comments, not getting enough of those, good or bad!
    Yeah I am not certain why I picked them up (it was many years ago and I blame it on misguided youth)and not certain what possessed me to paint them now. They just showed up on my painting desk one day, and I took care of them.
    They are meant for my Fenians who are grossly under funded and have to make due with what they can get.

  4. Some great looking models you got there Menelduir & a super paint job.