Sunday, 14 January 2018

New finds for 2018

First post of the new year and first post in a while, sorry about that.

Found these self adhesive tiles in Dollarama store.
The hexes are 1" wide.
The rectangles are 1" x 2".

They are a little puffy and a little shiny but I do hope to dull them down a bit.
I have been meaning to play the old Gladiator board game for old time sake, but with 28mm figures. These hex sheets should do the trick for a quick battlefield.

As for the rectangle stuff, I am thinking they will work for floor tiles in some Egyptian ruins that I am building for a soon to be played Pulp Alley campaign of Tomb of the Serpent.



  1. Good find, If they don't dull down a shot of Dullcote will do the job.

  2. Can you post an image of the 3D paint from Dollarama you mentioned?