Monday, 29 May 2017

Garage sale finds

Another Saturday another day without gaming...
While my afternoon was busy with non gaming activities I was able to take advantage of the morning to attend "The Great Glebe Garage Sale". For those who have never heard of it or been to it, it is a crazy packed annual event where households in a maybe 10 by 10 block area of Ottawa bring out their junk er previously enjoyed stuff. Always a busy scene and I always manage to find something.

 After an hour or so of wandering I was on the verge of giving up when I stumbled upon this fine coliseum all set up and seemingly unwanted by anyone. For a mere $5.00 this fine structure was mine. A little large for 28mm but I am sure it will work out fine. Worst case scenario I pick up some 54mm gladiators.

Also being sold was this nice castle. I figure the building behind the coliseum will make a nice keep or historic building in a more modern setting. Each tower can hold 4 28mm figures.


 Next came the sphinxes. First was the play-mobile version for $10.00, then I later found the other two, at $10 for the pair.

The 'boat' was .25 cents but thanks to my spouse and a poorly written price tag, we were able to haggle it up to .75 cents...

I am thinking it might be the basis for a Martian flying ship.
Also recently found, but not at the garage sale, is this fine Plasticville caravan. I am thinking post-apocalypse zombie games. Oh and it too was $10.00.

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  1. I sense an adventure in Egypt coming up?? :)