Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pulp Alley - Vice Alley Trail of Clues, Chapter 2 (the conclusion)

At long last the ten page conclusion of Chapter 2 Trail of Clues.
We really had to bone up on the vehicle rules as three out of the four leagues motored their way around the table. It was a great deal of fun dealing with chaos and confusion caused by the collisions.

Another item of note, while most of the leagues had a relatively low number of characters but what heroes they had proved very resilient. The Feds are a duo, and they demonstrated their ability to take a beating without dropping. We also saw some increased use of alter egos, with Churchill changing from a gun toting gent and reverting to a drunken feral brawler,  and then there was Maeve transforming from a night club singer by donning her gloves to a thrasher of her opponents.

Good fun had by all, a real challenge for the four leagues with everyone at each others throats.
Big thanks again to Dave & Mila for the great Phantom Agent Ring!

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