Monday, 17 October 2016

Pulp Alley meets Dracula, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and Frankenstein's Monster

We found ourselves at loose ends one night and quickly threw together this Pulp Alley 'Gothic Horror' game. Hope you enjoy!

The original idea was to play some monsters vs some good guys. So the two players started prepping their forces, but by the time the 'monster' player had built his league our 'good guys' became ...
The Universal Monsters! 
(I had created this league a while ago, but never tested it)

On one side it was the Universal monster, led by Dracula, with The Werewolf, The Frankenstein Monster and The Mummy.
Prior to the start of the game, Dracula through a dark pact was able to summon additional help in the form of Man Bat, a newly raised mummy servitor, and a banshee.  

The opponents were made up of a rag tag assortment of characters. There was the Countess Lamour, a vagabond crooner, Dr Price, a 'wolf' hunter, a gang of locals, and an odd familiar. However as would soon be seen appearances can be deceiving & this team had a few surprises! 

Two farm out buildings and my most sincere pumpkin patch

  The plot points
While the two enemy leagues were allowed to deploy anywhere on the table, for the most part they both started from opposite sides.
Looking around him, Farmer Ted quickly realizes that he should be somewhere else

Dracula decided to have The Wolfman, The Mummy, & Man Bat, move past the cask and attempt to outflank The Countess Lamour.

Meanwhile he and his remaining forces moved through the field towards one of the power symbols, and of course the summoning circle.


For her part the Countess took the crooner, and her hunter around the barn...


...while her compatriots, under the command of Dr Price, went towards the pumpkin patch.


The Mummy made a 'dash' towards one of the power symbols as The Werewolf and the Man Bat moved up to support

Man Bat continued the advance while The Werewolf fell back to help The Monster open the cask...

But as The Mummy was half way there the hunter let loose with a bust that left the Mummy dazed on the ground, a state that would become all too familiar for Mr Bey.

However The Werewolf was able to open the casket!

The crooner was able to activate a power symbol, a faint blue light began to gently glow.

Dracula decided that he was the best one to activate the next power symbol

But wait, almost unnoticed the Familiar has vanished and in his place, a scorpion? 
Banshee beware!
Dr Price summons aid and together they manage to obtain and    read the dreaded Book of Ebon Bindings 

 Even as the Mummy was getting up, the Countess took aim  and with one blast felled two opponents.

 The Man Bat vanished and Mummy never rose again...     
It was at this point that things really got heated. The forces of Countess Lamour began to reveal their true nature.

While Dr Price and the Countess gathered their forces, Dracula raced onto the summoning circle and his servitor took up a defensive position.


 Count Dracula was unable to activate the summoning circle.


The Countess advanced on the account suddenly transforming into a hideous harridan!

More changes as the hunter suggests that it is time for the Crooner to become a hound.

Dr Price also transformed as he attacked the mummy servitor.

A regular battle royale as the forces of darkness clashed with each other. The servitor mummy proved a worthwhile opponent, resisting numerous attacks.

 In contact with the circle and with the ancient tome open, the 'Harridan' started the ceremony, the air began to shimmer... 

With the scorpion out of the way the hunter fired off a burst managing to hit both Dracula & The Wolfman dropping The Wolfman and distracting the Count..

The fighting was intense as The monster now joined the fray, the Count grappled with the Harridan, and the locals went after the servitor mummy..

 A crackling sound ripped through the rending the fabric between time and space. Belatedly the leaders remembered that they were after all activating a summoning circle! 


There was the stench of a charnel house in the air, then the whipping sound of tendrils cracking like whips as they lashed out in every direction.

At this poit it became every being for itself. True there was a ritual that could be recited to send the creature back to it's foul dimension, but the general consensus was it was time to leave.

As the true Horror began to take root, the locals figured rightly that four legs were going to be better than two, and quickly transformed into their wolf form and beat a hasty retreat.

Dracula suddenly found the tractor to be quite fascinating, the Harridan retired, leaving the crooner/wolf to fend off the creature from beyond!


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    1. Thank you very much!
      Great thing about PA, I really was not planning on playing a game of it that day, but then it was brought up as an idea, and we quickly through together the scenery and drafted up a league to play.