Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Armies of Mars

Well here we go with my VSF images of some of my painted stuff.

Rouge Noir, The Purple Terror!

A better title might be:

The Good the Bad and the Unfinished

It has been a few years since I painted these and I am hoping to become inspired to finish the unfinished, and make good the bad!

Evil Minions (the troops of The Purple Terror)

The dread lightning cannon

 The Prussians

Venusian colonial troops in Martian service

Hss'iith reviews his pod
Armoured support for the See-battalion
The British
Lt Hornblower & in the rear a light Hotchkiss armed armoured conveyance

Medium armoured conveyance

Martian colonial troops

The Japanese

Smoke Stalkers


The very unfinished

New photos



and finally some of the 120 nearly finished

1 comment:

  1. Great looking armies!
    Nice selection of AFVs to support the foot sloggers.
    Looking forward to seeing them in action!