Friday, 7 October 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act II Chapter 1 Lagoon of Terror

As the curtain rises on a new chapter in our saga we find our adventurers continuing their journey eastward to a long lost tropical island. Ominous clouds rise from the volcano, something stirs in the lagoon...

This time around the leagues in play were Teddy and his Irregulars, The Cultists of Cthulhu, and Hardcastles Heroes. 

Both the Cultists and Hardcastles Heroes dove into the water, quickly making their way out to the wreck of the 'Fortitude', Lord Darrow's ship.

 Teddy with The Lady Elaine  in tow, realized just how crowded that wreck would be, and instead stayed on good old Terra Firma seeking opportunities on dry land.

The lay of the land all leagues deployed... 

The Cult leader was first on the derelict, but was unable to obtain the the log book of Lord Darrow. Hot on his heels were the Lady Hardcastle and her freshly recruited seamen.   

In short order the cult leader (it's true name cannot be pronounced, nor should it even be whispered) slithered off the wreck and into the lagoon with the treasure, quickly swimming through the churning waters. Churning waters?

Meanwhile having lost two of her sailors, and, more importantly, the book, Lady Hardcastle had a funny feeling that she just might not be alone...

While on shore, Teddy quickly scooped up the strange jar, and Mr Twain once again waxes poetic, unaware of a communication challenge!

However the mysterious remains became a contested item as members of all three groups took a crack at gaining the priceless relics.



Conflict on land and in the lagoon, massive tentacles swirl around Lady Hardcastle, who continues to dodge her massive adversary, while close to shore the book has made it to dry land.

Teddy consults with William Bonny, to ensure that the Irregulars consolidate his gains, and ensure that , though he cannot wrest the book from his opponent, no one will take any of the other objectives.


Not to be forgotten, Harry Houdini lends a, er, well a hand, once he gets them free...
That Harry, always showing off!

In the end Lady Hardcastle managed to escape the ever grasping tentacles, (Not unlike some encounters with certain ahem 'gentleman' that she knows), the cult leader had the precious book, while Teddy cleaned up what was left.

We did play this scenario a second time, with some of the Leagues that could not make it to this night. Both times it was a blast, lots of action, great time had by all.

Emerging from the jungle 


  1. Great stuff...and superb scenery!

  2. Gorgeous! THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley!

    1. Well thank you right back for creating a great game! It truly has motivate my players and my self to play a lot more often. It also made me paint around 155 figures this summer!Best production I have had in many a year.