Tuesday 25 October 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act II Chapter 2 Jungle Trail

Updated October 27th with smaller pictures!

So a little bit of a departure this time around, less pictures, but a rundown of two games of the same scenario that we played.
  One game was set in a fairly conventional jungle setting. This game saw Lady Hardcastle going up against the Royal Navy.


The other game featured a cave that I whipped up that week. I had a sudden inspiration, and, well, once the idea came to me everything just seemed to flow. 


This game featured the The Tong of the Black Scorpion vs Teddy's Roughnecks.

Both games were more challenging than we originally thought they would be. While it was not so hard for any of the teams to capture one native, the others proved to be quite elusive. Not helping was the tendency of the participants to engage in combat with each other!

For the Navy lads it was especially frustrating as they were able to subdue their opponents, but found the random movement of the natives, well, unpredictable.

While they had the numbers, they just could not capture the final native.

On the other table Teddy had momentarily forgotten that his opposition had flying Dragons (one wonders how he could forget such a thing)

With startling speed the dragons crossed over the gorge in an attempt to seize the native close to Tesla.

Back in the jungle, despite Naval Commanders best efforts at surrounding the objectives the local natives kept slipping from his sailors grasping hands.

On the last turn, an odd twist of scatter dice fate occurred. Just when the Navy commander was about to capture his last objective, the native disappeared into a cave in the 'mountain' and out of range.  It was a fairly amazing feat, as there really is a small opening, and somehow the arrow pointed straight into the it!

The battle in the cave, turned against the Scorpion Tong, and Tesla seized the initiative, moving on the last target.



However on the last turn, fate saw a sudden burst of speed take the final target well out of reach of everyone, so this game too ended without anyone seizing the last plot point! 

As a background to Act II, after the set piece of the Terror Lagoon, leagues are free to select from three scenarios, Jungle Trail, Sinister Swamp, and Bloody Sacrifice. I was fortunate enough to be able to set up five scenarios at anyone time. The Lagoon of Terror remained on one table as it would be used in the last scenario of the campaign. On the main table I set up the three scenarios of Act II, and on the last table I set up a second version of the Jungle Trail, the cave.

In the end we played the jungle trail thee or four times, the swamp two or three times and the Bloody Sacrifice once. (I suspect the name did not encourage my players to test their luck)

There will be more pics and words for the next installment, Sinister Swamp!

See below for original larger pictures of these games.

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