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Pulp Alley Perilous Island Act III Chapter 1 Forbidden City

 Having collected the required number of pages, Teddy's Irregulars led the other leagues deeper into the jungle in search of the Forbidden City. 
(Guarded by the Golden Guardian!)

Only three leagues made it to the gates of the city, Teddy's Irregulars, The Tong of the Black Scorpion, and a,relative, new comer league, Crash's Rocket Brigade. The Nghai offered support to each of the leagues, and Teddy brought in some extra help. The leagues decided early on that they needed to pool their resources to accomplish the tasks at hand and each league quickly set off to the alter closest to their starting points.
The three altars, and some perilous areas, oh and the guardian!.

We took a less literal take on the word gate and went with a mystical gate/portal into the lost city. The wall,of course, was a magical barrier. None of this bothered our intrepid adventurers, "bring on the big guy, we will put him down!"   

The Tong of the Black Scorpion (B)
Crash's boys

The leagues involved.
Teddy with two locals in support.

A warrior, out standing in his field...?


So while each league sent people to the closest altar, other league members started to explore the ares. Teddy quickly assessed the situation, turning to his new friend he immediately declared, "this looks dangerous, you first" As the Nghai warrior advanced closer to the Golden Guardian, he began to reconsider this new 'friendship' that he had entered into...

Certainly he did feel encouraged by his new friends who were behind him all the way!

The leagues made short work of the altars and activated each of them on their first try. 

With the altars activated the portal began to come to life, an opaque mist formed in the centre as the entire portal began to hum and throb with extra-planar energy. 
 However soon the gate became fully active and barely a shimmer of energy showed that the gate was open.


 A strange aura of cooperation decednded upon the adventurers with nary a harsh word, let alone any aggressive actions.

Perhaps it also had something to do with the fact the guardian was distracted and not overtly threatening the group.

However it was still everyone for themselves! With the gate open, and the guardian distracted, those that could fly did, and the rocket troops were through the gate before any one could say "to infinity and..." That also meant that the two dragons quit the field leaving only the earthbound characters to make their way to the gate as best they could.
The burst marker mimicked Teddy's mood!
But then all to suddenly the peace ended. The remaining members of the two teams realized that they were running out of time, and that soon there would not only be a time crunch, but a physical crunch as everyone was going to have to squeeze through a very small gate.

Then a tactical error occurred that had repercussions for the rest of this adventure and the next chapter too! The Tong of the Black Scorpion sent the local princess ahead, possibly as an attempt to slow down Teddy and crew from getting through the gate. 

She made it to the gate but her proximity to the gate brought the Guardian B lining it back.

Their ensuing scuffle kept the guardian in place acting as a blocking feature!

Despite their best efforts they could not move the guardian, or move past it as there was just not enough of a gap to get by! Even after the princess fell back through the gate and the teams stepped up their assault they barely made an impact on the guardian.

In the end most of two teams wound up being delayed when deploying in the next chapter. This meant that the Crash and his Rocket Corp could start the next game virtually unopposed!

Next Chapter  Hell Unleashed!

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