Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pulp Alley Act III Chapter 2 Hell Unleashed

The penultimate adventure in the Perilous Island Campaign!

When last we left our adventurers, the Rocket Corp, and two dragons had made it through the gate into the ancient city. They found themselves alone at first but soon Teddy, the remainder of the Tong League, and the Royal Navy would be joining them.

The game was modified a little bit to allow 4 teams to participate. The table remained 3' wide but was stretched out a bit in length.Lord Darrow was placed in the centre of the table. Each team picked a corner to deploy in, and had to be at least 24" away from Lord Darrow. Thus the table was about 4 1/2' long.

We decided that the leagues at either end of the table could only interact with the team the deployed near them. Once the teams entered the 18" perilous area around Lord Darrow they were allowed to engage anyone within range.

We did make a deployment error when we had the tong of the Black Scorpion not deploy beside the Rocket corp as they should have (both leagues had got some of their figures make it through the gate)
In the end Teddy deployed beside Crash's Rocket Corp while The Tong had to contend with the Royal Navy.
View from the Temple of Knowledge

Lord Darrow begins the final incantation!
Looking north to the Temple of Knowledge

Teddy's deployment zone, The Rocket Corp's across the plaza
Deployment area for the Tong
Rocket Corp's deployment area

The Navy deployment zone

As stated this game was going to be a real challenge for those opposing the Rocket corp. The combination of one 'free' turn and Rocket packs meant that the Corp could get pretty close to the objective unimpeded.

By turn two the area 18" around Lord Darrow AKA The Wander would become perilous, so being able to fly 16" in turn one allowed the Rocket Corp to get into position quickly only 8" away from the Wanderer.
Turn 1

So turn 1 saw Crash and his companion, Buzz take off immediately in the direction of Lord Darrow.
The dragons of the Tong took to the air but did not move to oppose Crash. The remainder of the Rocket Corp, took up defensive positions awaiting the inevitable arrival of the other leagues.

Crash and Buzz creep closer...

Turn 2

Despite the sudden swirling of gale force winds, Crash and Buzz pressed forward edging ever closer to Lord Darrow while the Red Dragon took up position close to the temple.

The other leagues arrived and quickly deployed. Teddy immediately got down to business striking a bargain with the gang/squad of Rocketeers convincing them to switch allegiance over to his side! (double cross) The expression on Crash's face was priceless. 

However at the other end of the table long standing enmity between the Navy and the Tong meant that the two leagues quickly entered into combat with each other. 


As Lord Darrow reached the end of the ceremony, the howling winds reached a crescendo, dust and sulfurous gas swirled about him, and there was a crashing crackle of energy that seemed to rend the very fabric of time and space. Lightning lashed out at Lord Darrow energizing his very being, his body pulsed with an uncontrollable power as he writhed in agony. With balled fists clenched at  his side, his jaw tightly clamped,  he started to grow, to change, his breath was ripped from him even as his clothing was torn to shreds by the metamorphosis that was engulfing his body. He was being reshaped, tendrils erupted from his body extending in every direction writhing in a chaotic, tormented dance.
Even as he screamed his last scream, his mouth peeled back over his head, revealing a new gaping maw as new mouths opened up all over his body. Then the tendrils suddenly all stood straight up, a noise emerged like the wail of a thousand lost souls crying out for salvation but that was soon reduced to a gibbering, growling, snorting, cacophony of indeterminate and undefinable sounds.

The Wanderer has arrived!
Crash and Buzz slowly start to advance when suddenly with a rumble and explosion of earth and rocks the temple exploded, sending shards of earth and rock into the air where to their amazement, the rocky boulders remained suspended.

However while Buzz hesitated, Crash quickly sprang forward even as the largest boulder rose high into the air.
The Wanderer, so overwhelmed with the sensory overload, assaulting 'his' mind as reality shifted, and dimensions previously unknown to 'him', came flooding into his consciousness was, ironically, oblivious to 'his' terrestrial surroundings, and could not perceive the threat that was so dangerously close.

For his part, Crash screwed up his courage, forced down his nervousness, and stretched his arm forward, his hand probing into the undulating mass that was at one time Lord Darrow, but was now The Wanderer.

Despite the perilous nature of his situation, and the challenges associated with the task at hand, Crash extracted The Elder Stone!

Evil was thwarted and victory went to the Rocket Corp!


  1. "Evil was thwarted and victory went to the Rocket Corp!"


  2. Wow! What an adventure! Thanks for sharing.