Friday, 11 November 2016

Pulp Alley -(Work in progress) Vice Alley Social Affair

I was planning on taking a break in December, anticipating that work, family, holidays, etc will get in the way. But then as I wandered the dollar store inspiration struck me like a two by four to the face.
The group has been planning to play the Vice Alley campaign, sometime, now that sometime may have a start time of December! So now it is time to gear up for Episode 1 of Vice Alley,
a Social Affair! 


So this is a quick rough draft of the layout of the game to be.
Planning on walls, and other rooms.
Comment, suggestions, constructive critiques welcome and in fact greatly appreciated.
At this point I am not certain what size for the game as I do not think it needs to be the traditional size due to the nature of the scenario.



So things have changed a bit since the first post so many months ago! Certainly this was my worst fear about posting a WIP, no progress! Things are moving along now, and they better be because the game is this weekend...! 

After some experimentation of trying to build my own walls, I realized I had enough prefab walls courtesy of a FFG's big sale a year or two ago.

I do plan to keep this set up (somewhere) for any repeat games of social affair. Therefore I will be adding to and fixing up stuff.

So, is the gold 'carpet' to much? Just stick with the marble floor? The stairs really belong to an HO/OO train bridge, but I am pressed for time, might spray it silver for the game.

Thankfully the plot has been worked out, just need to get  the gaming table in shape.
Oh yeah and I joined the build something contest, at this rate the six week contest will become a 4-5 week contest, as this will take up all my time this week.

Test shot of ballroom

Trying to 'will' the winning number

It is winter after all so a perilous skating rink
I am shocked to find out there is gambling ...

The main ballroom
Main hall, game room to left ballroom to right

The upper dining area, better get a railing up there
Convoluted look at the waiting area at the main entrance

The main entry looking through the door

Sneak peek through window & my train stairs

Another peek through a window
The service elevator


  1. Great looking set-up, I have some of those tiles also. Might be a chance to get out the Santa figure I have with the SLR!

  2. The tables are actually upside down mini cupcake liners. No actual tables were used in these photos. I have since acquired tables but oddly (or not) I prefer the cupcake liners.