Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act II Chapter 3 Sinister Swamp

After having chased some of the locals through the jungle and some caves, our intrepid adventurers expanded their search, into the Sinister Swamp.

  I must apologize for the quality of some of the pictures, I seem to be getting worse as I go along...

Once again, Teddy's Irregulars, The Tong of the Black Scorpion and the Royal Navy mixed it up. This time around a visiting league of Irish American adventurers joined in for one of the matches.  

The scenario involves three zombie spawning spots in a desolate swamp. Cooperation was not the order of the day, as usual, thus the leagues had to contend with the ever present zombie threat as well as each other.

Despite the fact that each of the leagues focused in on the unhallowed ground closest to their starting points, we did see combat  right from the start! 
The navy conducts volley fire!

The Navy once again tried to use their longer ranged weapons to keep the other leagues in check.

Elaine is wounded while Houdini tries to distract the attackers with more tricks

While Teddy and his boys, with Lady Elaine tried to weather the onslaught.

One of three unhallowed grounds, the primary objectives of this scenario. 


Another objective, this one surrounded by extremely perilous areas.

It certainly came as quite the surprise to the Navy that these undead creatures were able to shoot back!

Twain takes point, with Lady Elaine in support
The secret service keeps Teddy safe

Tesla has a close call

Ultimately, the leagues stopped sniping at each other, and began to focus on the task at hand, the search for clues to Lord Darrow's location. However the unhallowed ground proved to be far from  safe as more and more zombies rose from the ground to confront the intruders. 


A sticky wicket for this naval officer, but a stiff upper lip, and a good pistol sees him through this tight spot.

It was not any easier for the Tong, as the zombies swarmed them every time they tried to search the ground near the evil shrines.


Teddy found himself in sudden danger after failing a peril!

Only one shot of the Irish cowboys, they had fallen victim to inter-league fighting early in the game and found it difficult to complete the plot points.

 Overall it was a bloody affair.

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  1. "Overall it was a bloody affair." Ah yes, that's a good way to describe it.

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