Monday, 28 November 2016

Pulp Alley Vice Alley scenery test

Testing, testing, testing ...

This past weekend we took a stab at Vice Alley, Gang War.
We took the opportunity to test three things in preparation for the upcoming campaign.

First up would be a test of what I planned to uses The road was my first attempt to see how the roofing material 'standard dry sheathing' would work.
Well so far so good. it is black and tough, looks like it will stand up to some abuse. It has a bit of texture to it, so dry brushing should bring out some details.  The sheet comes on a roll 3' wide by 143' long, so I figure I have a lot to experiment with! Oddly I painted the black material, black, then dry brushed various greys over it. I also used a brown and grey dry brush in the alleys.
For some reason the main roads show up as brown in some of the photos, even though I never used brown on the roads...
Now I was rushed to get this ready, so I will be working on the mat again, to improve on what has been done so far.

The buildings were another test, this time for brick colour. Still working out which colour I prefer. Same thing for the sidewalks, they are a work in process..

Finally our third test, was to try out some league structures based on perks that are seldom used by us. This game saw a Duo, a League of  Legends, Company of Heroes, and a league built around the companions perk. In particular we were keen to see how the Duo team would work.

AAR coming soon...





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