Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act I Chapter 2 Final Flight

Game two saw Teddy Roosevelt and his league go up against Francine and her league. While both leagues had emerged victorious, and had left Mexico well in advance of their enemies, they found themselves suddenly stranded in Casablanca looking for a means of escape.
Teddy was determined to stop Francine from leaving Casablanca while Francine was equally determined to get Lady Elaine out of Morocco.

The plane awaits.
Casablanca Airport

With trouble all around, the French authorities were maintaining a constant vigil around the air field. Of particular concern were the large number of 'adventurers' that seemed to be everywhere in town.
 Both sides were quick enough in getting either the ticket or the package, and both advance as quickly and as peacefully as they could. Teddy, Mr Twain, and the lady Mata Hari Quickly stepped onto the airfield looking for a certain mechanic. It took the combined efforts of Tesla and Mata Hari to convince the mechanic to help them. All this while the French authorities looked on.

While William Bonny watches and waits (his trigger finger ever itchy) Doc and his companion realize that while they have the tickets, somehow they have lost the lady!.

Thankfully Francine located her near the hanger, and with the help of her gunsnel, she attempts to get to the plane. However she was blocked by Mark Twain reciting yet another of his seemingly unending stories.While over at the main entrance the truce has come to an abrupt end. Billy thinking he had Doc and company in the perfect ambush suddenly found himself in more trouble than he could handle.

However now Doc was a wanted man!

With Doc being taken into custody by the local authorities, and herself unable to get past Mr Twain and his Jumping Frog of Calaveras story, Francine was forced to admit defeat, and would have to find another way out of Casablanca.

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