Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act I Chapter 4 Soerabaja Manhunt

Next our adventurers traveled to far off Indonesia! Leaving Francine and her crew in Greece, and abandoning the Cultist to their strange rituals, Teddy Roosevelt's Irregulars, The Royal Navy, and the Tong of the Black Scorpion converged on the port city of Soerabaja.

It can be a tough town, and the locals go around well armed! But be wary of those lads in orange...

Teddy decided to dress more formally for this trip, even Tesla had updated his wardrobe. Prior to this trip Roosevelt had recruited Harry Houdini to replace Mata Hari. The three of them, along with Mark Twain, Lady Elaine and the presidents secret service guards began the game searching along the waterfront.

The Scorpion league also focused their attention along the water front and quickly bumped into the lads from the Royal Navy.

While the scorpions are directed to a side street, the Royal Navy shore party sneaks up behind the Scorpion Tongs gang of highly trained fighters. After an exchange of fire and with the intervention of the Scorpion tongs scorpions, both the Navy and the Tong found themselves without any gang support.

Emboldened by their success the scorpions advanced against a Royal Navy officer.
With typical aplomb the officer dispatched the the skittering horde.

Meanwhile on the next block the secret service having heard the gunfire slowly began to investigate the ruckus, while others expanded the search into the market area.
Twain, Tesla, Houdini (in his trademark straight jacket) and the Lady Elaine continue their search through the local market.
It was at this point that Mr Twain became fascinated by the newfangled contraption that seemed to him to be inviting him to use! With the help of Tesla, the two of them took off on a memorable jaunt through the city...

Careening through town the two very nearly ran over some local priests who were sitting outside The St Lawrence Catholic Mission Hospital. Here they found a clue to the location of the old sailor, a mysterious plaque, with arcane symbols inscribed upon it.

However much to the chagrin of the two automobile enthusiasts, they found themselves under the gaze of two Royal Navy gunners manning the latest in death dealing technology, a dreaded death ray!!!
Before the Death ray could be released on the two rapscallions, it was perhaps realized by the Navy commander that naming a device as a 'death ray' might perhaps have brought it too much attention...Sadly, for the Royal Navy, the gun drew the attention of every enemy within line of sight, with the result that everyone who could drew a bead on the gun and crew, and dispatched both.

Back near the docks Teddy and his crew started going door to door looking for the Old Sailor.

The Navy did enjoy some success finding a clue Near the Red Bridge Hostel.
Meanwhile...while searching for more clues one of the Navies finest suddenly found a rather hungry adversary just a little too close for comfort...

On a side note you just never know who you might bump into, but the gunfire was just too intense even for this Belgian tourist to set up his camera!

Not to be outdone by the upstart Americans a Royal Navy officer eyed a somewhat beat up vehicle. Drat, bad enough to try to drive this junk heap, but on top of that the blasted steering wheel is on the wrong side!
In the end it came down to a shootout in the Cafe Perkasa. As evidenced by the shells it was a mighty struggle, but in the end it was the master of the Black Scorpion Tong that emerged victorious.

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