Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act I Chapter 1B Hidalgo Fire

The other version of this game saw Teddy Roosevelt (decked out in his old blue on blue uniform) going up against a large group of cultist.

The scenes is set. Teddy is barely visible at the top, likewise Mark Twain is hidden behind some fronds at the bottom of the picture. Teddy's secret service can be seen scouting out the camp, and Mata Hari keeps an eye on things, while crazy cultist approach from the west.

William Bonny moves against the first group of cultist.

Each side moved in towards the camp. Things look bleak for Teddy as he is taken down by the combined efforts of the cult leader and several gangs of cultists.

It is not going well in the camp either, as Mata Harri too goes down.
 Meanwhile the Cult leader celebrates his early victories...

But wait, somehow in the confusion Mark Twain, Tesla and William Bonny have managed to escape with "Lady Elaine", with a now rejuvenated Teddy following in their wake.
In the end the cult mobs could not stand up to the big stick, and Teddy rescued the lady while William and Mr Twain took care of the last cultist. It was only later that they were to find out that they had grabbed the wrong lady!

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