Sunday, 4 September 2016

First gaming related post, long overdue.

We started playing Pulp alley in the Spring of 2016, and now we are in the dog days of summer, and only just posting a game report now!

After one or two trial games to get the feel of it, we decided to leap in and get immersed in a campaign. Given the unfocused aspect of my gaming to date, this looked to be a true challenge. However, thanks to the template created by Dave (Perilous Island), and a new found ability to stay focused for longer than a month (thanks in no small way to the group that I was playing with) we were able to keep the game going, such that we are approaching the last chapter, and there is every chance that we will complete the campaign!

Now it also helped that we had a surplus of players, so we always had enough available to play any given scenario even if one or two players could not make it. Also due to my work schedule, we tended to play on a Saturday, and would get at least two games played by each player , thus advancing the campaign. Also nice is the fact that the game system, while giving rewards to those that played the game, does not award so many awards that anyone starts to fall behind and feel that they cannot win. Nothing worse than that feeling after only a couple of games that you might as well pack it in because you have no hope of winning. Everyone can miss a game or two and not feel out of the running!

By the way in case you cannot tell, we like Pulp Alley a lot. I was amazed how, very shortly after introducing the game, my friends dove right into the game rules and started experimenting with league construction. I have not seen such eagerness before. Also try as we might we have not been able to break the game! It is very well written and thought out, and clearly play tested in advance of publishing. Add to that the fact that Dave Phipps is clearly a thoughtful, intelligent and patient gamer, who always encourages the key idea of having fun with the game. Any questions asked of him are quickly responded too, and should he find error in someone interpretation of the rules he is clear with his explanation of his answer, and often ends his comments with the have fun comment.  

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