Saturday, 3 September 2016

and so it begins...
Will this be another of those blog sites that have not been updated since before Obama got into the White House? Will I start strong only to drift off into some other activities, or will this become some all consuming activity that will eat away my free time and sanity.

I suspect it will be somewhere in between those extremes. I am a bit of a modern day Luddite, eschewing modern technology (cell phones, Ipads, Gaming counsels, any other gizmo) yet here I am hunting and pecking my way on my ten year old lap top. So long as it lasts and I have something to say, or rant about, I guess I will try to keep this thing going, and up to date.

My main activity, when not working, is gaming. Currently miniature gaming, but also board gaming, and perhaps some time again, role playing. I have been playing miniature war games since the early 1970s after my parents returned from England with 2 small rule books. If only they realized what they were starting when they gave me those 2 books...   

After that I was there when D&D first started, and my life has been sucked into the morass of gaming ever since. 

More later

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