Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Act I Chapter 1 Hidalgo Fire

We actually played two games of this at the same time!
It was the first game of the campaign, and we had 5 players. I was the GM throughout the campaign.
The prize was to 'rescue' Lady Elaine. While she appeared on both tables only one table was going to find her, so whichever table completed her plot point first would find that they had found the real Lady Elaine.

The two teams that won their respective games then went on to the Final Flight scenario, while the others went on to At Deaths Door. All of these games were played on the first day of the campaign, as I has sufficient space to set up four games. Here is a long shot of three of the games.

Table one saw Francine and her followers go up against The Royal Navy.
It was a hard fought battle with 'possession' of lady Elaine going right down to the wire. Thankfully 'Doc' was able to get into hiding behind some cover and thereby shelter Lady Elaine and himself from the horrible 

The calm before the storm

The sailors take up position for a clear line of fire

 While Doc is checking out some artifacts the sailors bee line it to camp in search of Lady Elaine.

The fighting in and around the camp intensified.


Finally, while Francine fought off the sailors, Doc was able to get Lady Elaine to safety.
As Francine had completed the major plot point ahead of the other game, he was happy to find out that he had the real Lady Elaine!

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